To understand what your heart values most, consider how you spend your money.  Money most easily flows through your hands to those things that matter most to you. When you look at what you do with money, you will see where your treasure lies and where your heart stands.

There are five major points to help us understand the big picture of what giving to God means.

  • The Principle - Giving is a reminder of God’s ownership of everything and is blessed by God.

  • The Practice - God’s instructions for tithing begin in the Old Testament and continue through the New Testament. As we study and follow God’s Word, it becomes clear that we are to give a tithe to God. We are to be led by God’s spirit with an attitude of gratitude. Every time we give, we are reminding ourselves that God is the owner of all and we are his stewards.

  • The Place - The temple and the church are places of both worship and giving.  Wherever people gather to worship is the place that they come to give.  

  • The Promise - Giving to God brings the blessing of further provision.  God tells us throughout the Bible that giving to Him will bring blessings to the giver.

  • The Power - Giving opens the door to greater ministry and testimony.  Surrender yourself, your time and talents to God and God will take it and bless your life.

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