• Leah Blumenstein

Magnify the lord with me

“Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together!

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭34:3 ESV‬‬

This psalm in particular has been resonating with me for the last couple months. Shane and Shane have a wonderfully done rendition of this on their psalms album that I have been listening to constantly. One of the first things that drew me into this particular psalm was the power of the words, “magnify the Lord with me”.

What does it mean to magnify the Lord?

Well typically when you magnify something you are making it look bigger than it normally does. But how do you make an infinitely big God look... bigger?

To me there is a deeper meaning about the church as a whole behind these verses. That meaning is that our human brains can only understand so much of our God. Yet, together we are able to use all of our understandings of Him in order to make a more complete look of who He is. A bigger picture.

Together, we can have a bigger vision of God — who He is and the attributes of His character. As image bearers, we each are able to represent small pieces of an infinite God. And when we put those pieces together, we get the church. The hands and feet, the eyes and ears, the moving parts all come together under the head (Christ) to magnify who and what God is to the rest of the world. When we work together to accomplish the will of the one who sent us, we can each understand God just that little bit deeper. On our own we only have one perspective of God, but together we are able to see more of His character.

So my challenge for you this week is to look at someone in the church that you find difficult to love and find the unique aspect of God that brother or sister is magnifying. What can you learn about God’s character from this person, and how can you use that to soften your heart towards them?

Let this be your prayer:

Father, you have given each of your children your image. We all carry a piece of you here on this earth and I pray that you would magnify yourself through those images. Help me to love even the most different from me of your children because they are pieces of you. You have loved me so well, I can only hope to love you in pieces, so let me love the pieces you have put in front of me. Thank you for the image you have placed upon me to bear your wonder and majesty, may I find ways to magnify that image. Amen.



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